Established in 2015, Elite Metal Fusion is a Dubbo based welding business with a strong commitment to quality.

Drawing on years of experience in the welding industry combined with advanced qualifications and training, Elite Metal Fusion can fulfill ALL of your welding and fabrication needs.

Servicing industries as varied as drilling, earth moving and mining, to motor sports, to food and chemical processing industries.

Experienced in many different metals and many different welding processes allows unique welding jobs to be tackled with confidence.

Elite Metal Fusion has staff qualified to weld structural steel, to weld pressure vessels and to inspect structural welding to Australian Standards.

Member of the Welding Technology Institute of Australia

As a member of the Welding Technology Institute of Australia, Elite Metal Fusion is always up to date with the constant changes and advancements in the welding industry. The WTIA also gives access to advanced training and a huge network of knowledge, and experience.

For all of your specialist welding & fabrication needs please call Bram Dutton: 0439 645 007

Download our price list for our services

Download our price list for our services. For further information please call 0439 645 007

Specialising in GTAW (TIG Welding) of Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium and all other exotic metals. Elite Metal Fusion can do repairs, and fabrications of nearly any metal.

Custom parts and modifications for race cars, motorcycles, boats and show cars.

Pipe welding and pipe spools of carbon steel and stainless steel for processing industries.

Structural welding (mig and stick) for construction industry. Mining, Earthmoving, Transport and Agriculture repairs. Full mobile capability.

Download our price list for our services. For further information please call 0439 645 007

With staff qualified to AS 2214 (Structural Welding Supervisor), Elite Metal Fusion has the ability to write weld procedures to Australian Standards, for other welder fabricators as well as for in house applications. This qualification also provides the ability to inspect welded structures for compliance with AS 1554 (Structural Welding), and gives clients exceptional quality assurance.

Elite Metal Fusion is now capable of Magnetic Particle Inspection which provides yet another level of quality control.

MPI is a non-destructive testing method which uses the magnetic properties of metals and specialised equipment to detect defects that may not be visible or noticeable to the naked eye, such as small cracks. Which allows measures to be taken to prevent ultimate failure.

Download our price list for our services. For further information please call 0439 645 007